Fisio Taddeo: Physiotherapy for Performing Artists

Who is Fisio Taddeo?

Carles Expósito Rovira passed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at FUB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) in 2009. He followed his path in France to follow the training in Médecine des Arts. Also in France, he went into CGE trainings (Shoulder Global Concept), getting two of the 4 courses. In 2011, he followed the training at UNIA Professional and Artistic Voice. Singing Voice Physiology. Back to Barcelona, he followed the training in Performing Arts Physiotherapy (Music, Dance and Voice and Theatre) with Ana Velázquez from CPAE in 2015. Also in this year, he finished the training in Physiological Chains, Busquet Method, in Brussels and he started Neurosensorial Posturotherapy in Madrid. After finishing this last one in 2017, he starts becoming assistant/translator and he goes on his studies of Psychology at UOC. In 2017, he starts Estill Voice Training and tries to use it with some of his patients.

From 2018, he teaches body awareness to optimize the performance and prevention of injuries at the High Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands.

In 2019, he got the Master Degree in Advanced Theatre Studies by UNIR, with his final project Physicity in Theatre: physiotherapy in the theatre. Part of this project has been presented at the I World Congress of Performing Arts Research organised by Alicia Alonso Institute of Danse and University Rey Juan Carlos, in Madrid. He finishes the year studying the last edition of the training Manual Technics for Singing by the phoniatrist Jean Blaise Roch.

He has started the training of OstéoVox with Alain Piron in Paris and he is going to finish it at the end of this 2020.

He thinks about starting the studies of speech therapy or continuing the studies of psychology.

In his office, Fisio Taddeo, he has been treating instrumentalists, actors, dancers and singers from differents styles, formation and level, from beginners to professional ones, in a preventive way but also in a therapeutic way.

Nowadays, he is getting vocal technic lessons to improve his knowledge. He started the Comission of Performing Arts in the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Balearic Islands and he is the president of AMPAE (Asociación Multidisciplinar Para las Artes Escénicas).