Fisio Taddeo: Physiotherapy for Performing Artists

Physiologic Chains, Busquet Method

Physiological Chains are explained by Léopold Busquet as a global study of the body, in different levels, to find the reason of a pain. This way, we can speak about static chains, made of conjunctive, visceral, neurovegetative and cranial tissue, and the dynamic or muscular chains. Those different chains are interrelated and a disturbance in one of them can be the origin of many problems in other chains or on the whole body. The diagnosis is very important for this kind of treatment, so the observation and the exploration must be done from the feet to the head, to be able to find the possible cause of the different pains.


Once the analysis is done, the next step is to rebalance the body: de-program overprogrammed chains and then, reprogram the de-programmed chains.

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