Fisio Taddeo: Physiotherapy for Performing Artists

Performing Arts Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy in performing arts proppose to study artist’s posture during his practice to find which can be the movements which provoque an injury. For example: playing an instrument entails a forced posture with many repetitive movements. This condition becomes often pain, injuries and tension. If it happens during a period with a lot of stress and mental fatigue, the injury or pain will appear and stay short or longer. Singers, actors and dancers with a non physiological breathing and with a low body awareness to express themselves, are also a subject of study and treatment.

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As a complement, with the posturology and the organisation of the physiological chains, we study the person and the artist, to be able to find the dysfonction. This way, to create a personal training to improve the performance of the artist, to develop some muscles and to get a good posture or to increase body freedom.

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